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Who can load new soil information?

Only authorized users can upload new soil data. If you want to upload data you must contact your country’s pillar 4 representative to request access. You can see more details here

Uploading information to SISLAC

For loading soil profiles/samples you must prepare the data in a table where each row corresponds to a horizon/layer and each column to an attribute. SISLAC provides a template where you can copy your data. At the time of loading, you must also provide additional information regarding the set of profiles including:

The soil data template

To upload data to SISLAC you must copy the information about the template provided by the system. Be careful not to change the column names or the file format.

The table should contain soil data organized as follows: in each row there should be a horizon/soil layer. And in each column, a property of that horizon layer.

The possible columns are: